St John’s Church


In early May 2017, the Wahegru Foundation was put into contact with St John’s Church. After speaking with the Vicar, we were told of how the Church was in need of a helping hand to clean up some areas.

Our team went in and over the course of three visits gave the Church a complete clean. From polishing up the surfaces and sculptures, to scrubbing the kitchen and steam cleaning the floors, the interior of the Church was given the care and attention that it deserved.

Sikhi has always taught us to see the whole human race as one. Guru Hargobind Ji built a Mosque near the River Beas in 1634 for the local Muslims who were without one.

Guru Tegh Bahadur Jii gave the ultimate sacrifice in 1675. By laying down his own life to defend the freedoms of others, the Hindus of India were able to once again practice their faith free from persecution.

In remembering the principles of what the Sikh Gurus stood for, it is our hope that we as a community can continue to live up to the ideals that Guru Sahib has laid out for us and put into practice what Sikhi teaches.

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